Integrative Prenatal Alignment


During the final weeks of the third trimester of pregnancy, the proper alignment of your baby inside your womb is a key factor in determining the ease and duration of your labor experience.


Ensuring optimal fetal positioning aids in a shorter, easier labor and birth experience that requires less intervention.


If your baby is not properly aligned, you may experience extremely painful "back labor", labor lasting longer than 12-14 hours and ineffective contractions for extended periods.


If birthing in a hospital setting, this can lead to the suggestion of various interventions from the nurses and doctors. Many of these interventions can be avoided if the baby is in proper alignment. 


I will curate intuitive bodywork sessions for you during the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy. These sessions will incorporate various holistic, non-medical techniques that assist your body and baby into proper alignment. For best results, we will meet weekly. 


Rebozo work, prenatal yoga, lunge sequences, reiki healing, and sound therapy are a few of the modalities that will be practiced during our time together. 


Our sessions will establish and maintain the optimal balance of your mind and body to prepare you for the transformation of childbirth.


You may also experience a reduction in anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after your baby is born.






Perinatal Support Specialist/ Certified Lactation Counselor

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