"From the first day of the child's life, your life, your rhythm, even your waking and sleeping hours are no longer decided by you. The challenges you face are real. At times you are tested on every level: emotionally, physically and mentally. Yet at the same time you experience an overwhelming sense of devotion and unconditional love. Imagine this innocent child looking so lovingly at you! This is the beginning of a long journey, the greatest journey you will ever take in your life."
-Excerpt from I Am a Woman: Essential Kriyas for Women in the Aquarian Age

In-Home Postpartum Care & Support

The first 40 days after giving birth is a time for rest, bonding, learning, recovery and healing. 


As your support, I serve to "mother the mother".


I am a shoulder to cry on.


 I am a trusted friend who snuggles your baby when you just need to take an hour-long shower in peace.


I am an extra pair of hands to help you with the little chores around the house.


I'll say things like, "Please go take a nap, I'll hold the baby."


I will give you space for you to maintain your self-care so that you can care for your baby.


Keeping you fed and hydrated is key.


I will offer breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support.


I will share my knowledge of baby care and family transitions.


I will care for older children while you are caring for the baby.


I also provide light housekeeping. I'll tidy up so you don't have to worry about it. 


I will run quick, local errands for you (ie. grocery shopping, post office, etc.) 


I know this transition can be difficult and I am here to serve in any capacity that I can.


I offer postpartum care both in the hospital and when you arrive home.











Perinatal Support Specialist/ Certified Lactation Counselor

Tel: 470-326-9912